Lumbar Implants

  • Designed, developed, and manufactured with 3D printing partner
  • Near-net shape 3D printed surfaces with precision machined instrument connection features
  • Full portfolio of shapes and sizes to meet anatomic approach and fitment for cervical and lumbar spine
  • Printed PEKK polymer is designed to participate in bone growth without compromising the radiolucency of traditional PEEK
  • Developed fixturing to hold the irregularities of the 3D printed blanks for final machining.


    • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house
    • Feature patented clamping technology to securely hold IBF implants during insertion and manipulation
    • Custom designed interfaces for each of the families to optimize impaction load distribution during implantation

      Inserters with Screws

      • Cleanable screwdriver. Lock and unlock feature allows to disassemble the screwdriver for easy cleaning and reprocessing.
      • Screwdriver was designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.
      • Compliant screwdriver that meets ISO standards for reprocessing.
      • Standard T-25 Hexalobe Drive with a ¼” square drive quick connection

        Lumbar Rapid Reducer

        Sleek rod reduction design with multiple function with a ball screw design using ceramic bearings reducing instrument friction and providing maximum mechanical advantage for rod reduction. One Instrument designed to facilitate:

        • Rapid rod reduction, up to 25mm with just two handle rotations
        • Set screw insertion and final tightening through rapid reducer

         Segmental deformity de-rotation

          Lateral Retractor

          Lateral retractor system was designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.

            • State of the art retractor system when it was introduced in 2010
            • Retractor allows for both 4-blade and 2-blade technique
            • Individual blade retraction and articulation

          Degenerative and Deformity Systems

          • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house
          • Consists of poly-axial screws, poly-axial reduction screws, fixed (mono) screws, lateral offsets, inline and offset connectors, and fixed/variable crosslinks
          • Best-in-class extreme 60° conical screw angulation achieved to meet unique requirements for the posterior thoracolumbar and lumbar spin
          • Intuitive and patented instrumentation developed to bridge the compromise in surgical technique from traditional pedicle screw design
          • Streamline instrumentation to include minimal instruments that reduces the steps required to perform the traditional procedure. One set screw used for all implants that utilizes the same T-25 Hexalobe drive mechanism for all devices.

          Anterior Lumbar Plate System

          • Implant was designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.
          • Unique bone screw design with integrated set screw that locked the screw angle relative to the plate.
          • System included both lumbar and sacral plates.

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