Orthopaedic Instruments

Inline Cable Tensioner

  • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house:
    • In line tensioning design
    • Holds cable of varying sizes
    • Pre tensioners attach to tip
    • Anti-buckling tip aids with cable release

    Pistol Grip Cable Cutter

    • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in house within 3 months
    • Designed to be configurable for different diameter cables as well as length of shaft
    • Provides very close cut without risk of adjacent cable damage
    • Low handle force even for large diameter cables

      Pistol Grip Tensioner

      • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house
      • Remains the gold standard for orthopedic cable tensioners supplied to numerous top medical device companies
      • Can be redesigned to meet user requirements for ergonomics, unique features, and cable design

      Disposable Instruments:

      • Injection Molded Handles
      • Unique dual ratcheting tensioner mechanism allows for fine adjustment
      • Tensioner has Integrated flush cable cutter
      • Stab-and-grab torque driver calibrated and value will not change over time

      Drill Guides:

      • Multiple guide options have been designed, developed, and manufactured in-house. 
      • Guide options include:
        • Awl Sleeves
        • Fixed and Variable Drill Guides
        • DTS Guides
        • Intradiscal Drill Guides

      Sternal Closure Instruments:

      • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house
      • Reusable instruments including cable tensioner, driver, crimper, plate templates, screw selector and cutter
      • Streamlined set comes in a slim sterilizable case
      • All instruments designed to be best-in-class for ergonomics and function

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