Cervical Plates

  • Implant was designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.
  • Instrument set was designed and developed in-house. Most instruments are manufactured in-house.
  • High angle (32°), low profile (1.9mm) design
  • Sterile and non-sterile implants
  • Complete instrument set

Cervical Plate Systems

  • Implant was designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.
  • One screw per level system.
  • Unique screw base that allowed for articulation (uni-planar) and translation (dynamic plate only).
  • Unique bone screw design with integrated set screw that locked screw to the screw base.
  • Standard and Dynamic plate design.

Pedicle Screw and Rod Systems

  • Everything required to perform complex posterior surgery fully designed, developed, patented, and manufactured in-house including:
    • Poly-axial screws, high angle screws, strait rods, pre-bent rods, transitions rods from 3.2mm to 5.5mm, x-links and hooks.
    • Occipital plates with innovative connection bar that reduces the risk associated with over bending the rods.
    • Rod connectors with innovative design that accepts both 3.2mm and 5.5mm rods.
    • All instrumentation to insert implants and manipulate in situ. 

Interbody Spacer Implants 

  • Designed, developed and manufactured with 3D printing partner
  • Near-net shape 3D printed surfaces with precision machined instrument connection features
  • Full portfolio of shapes and sizes to meet anatomic approach and fitment for cervical and lumbar spine
  • Printed PEEK and PEKK polymer is designed to participate in bone growth without compromising the radiolucency of traditional PEEK-developed fixturing to hold the irregularities of the 3D printed blanks for final machining.

High Angle CT Screw

  • Fully designed, developed, and manufactured in-house
  • Best-in-class extreme 60° angle achieved to meet unique requirements for the posterior cervical spine, first to the market using this technology
  • Intuitive and patented instrumentation developed to bridge the compromise in surgical technique from traditional pedicle screw design

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